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    Company Profile
    BHM Games Studio is a game development studio based in the Philippines which aims to conquer the exciting world of entertainment software industry. We specialize in developing video games that arouse and successfully induce unique game experiences for players and potential gamers around the world. A solid 10 year experience in game development allows us to offer creative services of all sorts, from game concept and programming to 3d design illustration and 3D motion graphics. Working on a truly global level, BHM Games studio provides services and experience of large game companies at cost-effective prices coupled with personal touch and oodles of passion. Our creative process is a novel interplay of witty discovery, effective collaboration and conscientious technical execution. What sets us apart is our ability to approach game creation with such ingenuity. We adhere to the latest trends of the industry, but we refuse to conform to the same old style of game play and story-telling. We infuse the principle of originality in everything we do, ensuring every BHM game experience is a resemblance of a new exciting adventure waiting to be explored.


    Great games don't happen overnight, they go through a gradual, grueling process which requires the cohesive collaboration of skilled and dedicated individuals. At BHM Games Studio, this is the most natural thing. Our synergistic efforts are directed toward a common goal, and that is stimulating client satisfaction and gamer enthusiasm. We explore all possible perspectives to make our games a reflection of our eccentric yet artistic personalities while retaining the fun qualities that make these games hugely lovable and popular.
    Our Philosophy is simply a collective approach to excellence. As professionals, we don't stop until every game is transformed into a highly entertaining masterpiece. Governed by strict principles in game production, we take the concept of game development to the next level.
    Below are fundamental steps to our business philosophy:

    Effective Communication

    The initial part of game development is hinged on your project specifications. We list out and pay attention to every feature you wish to include in the gameplay. Incorporating even the minutest details of your requirement in the conceptualization process enables us to assemble a game that coincides with the idea you have in mind.

    Creative Visual Representation

    This part entails a strategic interplay of creativity and technical skill. With a team of professional graphic artists, we conceive appealing designs and layouts for an impressive visual representation of the game. These designs are not only visually compelling, they are purposely crafted to convey the realistic feel of game to the target audience.

    Robust Programming

    Once 2d/3d models and artworks are generated, game programming begins. Determining the suitable programming language (C++, Java, or flash) is based on the gaming platform on which the game will be used. Whether or not we start from scratch or use a commercial game engine or middleware, we have eloquent programmers who can execute technical specifications according to coding standards.

    Strict Quality Analysis

    The completed game is then reviewed by game testers for possible defects. In line with client guidelines, we conduct comprehensive system testing for the entire game and several test runs on gameplay modules to detect flaws that might lead to further nuisances. Having passed the austere quality measures set forth by the team, the game is released to clients.


    Meeting goals and avoiding project creep is always at the forefront of our priorities. Making sure we deliver products timely and cost effectively, we implement firm and holistic project management strategies and project life-cycles that increases speed & flexibility of product development.

  • Simple Flash Games

    Soccer Game

    This game was developed for a famous deodorant brand as part of their digital campaign. Select a player to customize and start playing. The object of the game is to beat the goalie. As you click the mouse, a power meter will appear. Click the mouse to confirm. This will be followed a spin meter which is confirmed by a click of a mouse as well. A goal is made with the correct combination of power and spin.

    Jejemon Buster

    Jejemons are naughty happy face characters that are out to ruin the English Grammar as well as your day. Blast as many Jejemons and earn as many points as you can.

    Phantom Buster

    You're a phantom buster and you are out to rid a haunted house out of its resident ghosts. Blast as many phantoms as you can with the use of your special buster gun and earn high points.

    Anak Bathala

    Sample 2 separate working levels of our upcoming FLASH game. Anak Bathala (God Spawn). You are Kalem, the Anak Bathala. Using your Kampilan sword, destroy all elementals that are out to kill you.

    Air Raid

    Try to shoot down as many planes as you can before you run out of ammo. Use the left and right arrow keys to move the anti-aircraft gun. Press the spacebar to fire.

    Balloon Pop

    Try to pop all the balloons using as few shots as possible. Use the left and right arrow keys to aim the cannon. Press spacebar to fire.

    High Low

    Let's see if you can guess if the next card will be higher or lower than the current card. Try to guess correctly 5 times in a row.

    Match Three

    Click on any two gems to swap them. Swaps must create a matching set of three-in-a-row either horizontally or vertically. Matching gems will disintegrate and a new set will drop down from above. Game ends once all possible match-ups have been clicked.


    Use the left and right arrow keys to steer around the track. Press the up arrow to accelerate and the down arrow to revert. Make your way around the track as fast as you can.

    Sliding Puzzle

    Click to slide a puzzle piece. Try to build the picture back together.

    Trash Collector

    Drive around the community and pick up the trash along the way. Deposit all collected trash at the correct bin placed at the 3 corners of the town. Use the left and right arrow keys to steer and the up arrow key to move forward.

  • BHM Games Studio places great emphasis on business relationships. Our current partnerships with well-respected companies have resulted to incremental outcomes. Our fortress of success is spreading out to wider horizons. And the best thing is, we want you to be a part of this opportunity. We encourage you to do business with us. We are thrilled to go through the project with you step by step. As your partner, we want to be the missing element that will provide the exquisite look and feel to your game.

    At present, we have existing partnerships with:

    BHM Business Process Outsourcing

    As a key player in the BPO Industry, BHM BPO excels defines exemplary customer service, providing global solutions that help companies expand. With BHM BPO, our solid customer service and technical support is ensured.

  • Please feel free to get in touch with us anytime of the day. Let us know what's on your mind. Send us your inquiries, suggestions, comments or any form of communication. Rest assured, we'll give you a reply.

    Offices and Contact Numbers:

    Philippines Headquarters:

    • Address: 14F J.M. Raymundo Bldg. Balete Drive New Manila, Quezon City Philippines
    • Phone: +63 (02) 584 · 1099
    • Email: inquiry@bhmbpo.com